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Boat Fishing
With 40 years of fishing at Grafham and Pitsford and 30 years at Rutland, we have seen these waters in all their moods! If you want to learn about boat fishing and how to handle a boat, on the midland reservoirs, then we can give you an enjoyable day during which you will learn a great deal.

Fishing Lochstyle from drifting boats is the traditional way to fish, and the method by which most competitions are fished. A word of caution here.

Our guiding and boat courses/days are for anglers who have some experience of fly fishing and are able to cast a reasonable line. They are not days suitable for novices. Good quality waterproof clothes are essential whatever the weather forecast.

Want to fish and learn about sinking lines? If you are unsure about the use of these lines- Di-3, Di-5, Di-7, then a day in a boat will reveal just how these lines work. We can fish with one or two clients in the same boat. Give us a call to discuss your requirements. The basic cost is £160.00 for the day and this includes the cost of the hire of the boat. You will have to purchase a fishing ticket. If you are interested, please contact us for a discussion on your requirements.

Rudder Fishing
When Grafham Water first opened in 1966, most of the boats were rowing boats. In those days many anglers drifted bow first down the wind and cast at right angles to the boat. This method became known as 'the Northampton style' and most of the well known anglers of the day (Dick Shrive, Bob Church etc) used to practice it. They soon realised that by attaching a rudder to the stern they were able to hold the boat in the wind more effectively.

This method is not 'fly fishing' in the strictest sense, but it is fishing for trout within the rules of the water. At least it is at Rutland and Pitsford; as it is no longer allowed at Grafham. It is a very effective method for novices/improvers to learn about the boats and how to catch a few fish. There is more to the method than meets the eye and indeed some anglers make a career of only fishing this way in boats.

We are able to offer days 'on the rudder' for a single angler or a pair of anglers in a single boat. Four anglers can be accommodated in two boats. Please call us to discuss your requirements for what can be a most enjoyable experience out on the water. If you are interested, please contact us for a discussion on your requirements.

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For any more information or questions relating to any of our courses, please use our eForm by clicking here or telephone Peter directly on 07922-126154.

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