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Farmoor Reservoir
Let the School of Fishing show you Farmoor Reservoir.

Farmoor reservoir is situated 5 miles to the west of the University City of Oxford.

Surrounded by beautiful countryside with woodland views to the north and south including Wytham Woods, the river Thames to the west (the source of our water) and Oxfords dreaming spires to the east.

The reservoir is a manmade structure of 240 acres providing a clean comfortable platform from which to fish.

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Due to the nature of the construction deep water is easily accessible to casters of all abilities with the majority of fish usually being caught within 10 meters of the bank side.

The photograph shows a magnificent and full tailed 8lb plus Farmoor Trout caught by Mark Haycock a few years ago when he had hair ...

Unlike most large reservoirs this makes Farmoor Reservoir the ideal venue for beginners to fly-fishing and those who don't wish to fish from boats but still want a chance of a good bag of fish.

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